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Start your day in a way you never Thought possible

Disinfecting Experts

Systems to give you consistent long-term results

Cleaning buildings and floors while building better human beings

Why Choose Cirrus

Ready to hear about all the systems we have created for your long - term satisfaction.

  1. Disinfecting buildings and Cleaning for health since 2009!!!  

  2. It will actually be CLEAN, NOT JUST LOOK CLEAN.  We clean for HEALTH, by disinfecting surfaces instead of using all-purpose cleaner

  3. Did the cleaning company in charge of cleaning your building tell you they were a green company that used the best equipment ever and were the greatest cleaners ever.  How long did they keep you satisfied?  6-12 months?

  4. We GUARANTEE your satisfaction!  Or it's free.  Want to know how we don't go our of business with this guarantee??? 





  • There are a 100 different reasons to have us clean your building but our core ideas are systems to ensure better long-term results and systems to ensure a better quality of cleaner in our building.


  • We are so confident in our analysis of your building we will even show you a detailed breakdown to the minute of exactly what you know what you are paying for.  

  • Over HALF the time we can clean more for less because of how efficient we are.   

  • By varying the level of attention to specific areas and tasks, we are able be much more precise than other companies and still focus on your most important areas.

Call us to see how far we can   STRETCH your maintenance budget!

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Now We're Talking

Floor Care

We do it all. Strip and waxing, scrubbing, buffing, carpet deep cleaning and maintenance, tile and grout and concrete.

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— Name, Title

Specialty Cleaning

  • Bathroom pressure washing

  • Disinfecting and Sanitation

  • Upholstery Cleaning

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