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How old and smelly is the mop and mop bucket?


Do you see a CHEAP, dirty, INEFFECTIVE upright vacuum in the corner?

Did they INVEST any money into equipment?

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Are your  Priorities areas your cleaning companies Priority areas???

Do you see the inch of dirt on the carpets they promised you would never see again?



Just because someone says they love to clean does not make them carpet cleaning EXPERTS.

Ask if they have been IICRC trained 

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Does this make them experts?

Do they bundle services? 

did they just watch a youtube video.?...

hire a cleaning company

What is their system for focusing on your BIGGEST


Are your  Priority areas 

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What should you look for when deciding to 

your cleaning companies Priority areas???


What is their system of communication

Notes that are ignored?

Phone calls that go unanswered?

Last ditch effort/Carrier Pigeon?

Do you even like the person you deal with?

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Is the owner doing the cleaning or

How good or BAD is the team?

Do they have high employee turnover

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Are they paid fairly or taken advantage of


         do they have employees

Ask about their training system

Wait, they don't have a system...?  They just hand out $150 dollar cleaning kits and wish them well on their journey?

I guess that could work

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Do they have a system for your               long-term satisfaction

Will they guarantee their work somehow?

Do they give you a birthday cupcake?

How will they handle errors?  Will they admit 

When they are wrong?

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Let's hope so...

Basic Package

IncludesBasic Cleaning Tasks

Not Included: Maintenance Tasks (carpet cleaning, buffing, hard floor care, bathroom deep cleans) These can be done as needed at an additional amount based on budget and frequency tasks need to be done

This package is all about efficiency.  We work together to come up with a plan that works with a limited budget



Includes: All your basic and specific cleaning tasks including disinfecting key surfaces.

Also includes: - ALL inclusive floor care and deep cleaning.  Carpets will be stain free year round.  Hard floors are scrubbed, stripped, and buffed as needed to look amazing.  Bathrooms are also pressure washed so they are sparkling clean and odor free!

This package is all ABOUT           VALUE

Our most popular package

Package of


Includes: Everything the heart desires.  

Also includes" - A level of detail that will be unmatched.  Deep cleaning and floor maintenance tasks will be done on a much more frequent basis. Inspections

done nightly if needed with documentation emailed directly

to you.  


This package is all ABOUT           Perfection

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