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Meet David Zia

He grew up wanting to run his dad's construction company.  He always looked up to his dad.  He modeled himself after his dad and wanted to become the best man he could be by following the best man he knew.  What a team that would be.  When his dad moved to Portland to start Cirrus Commercial Cleaning, he said "son, I know it's not glamorous, but it's a great business model.  Take a look at it." So Dave did and liked what he saw.  It had great systems and could become a force under Dave's leadership.  So he began to create his own Cirrus family in Bend and named it Cirrus Cleaning.  




Dave became an eagle scout in high school, and although he was forced to lead in Boy Scouts, he discovered in college that he was a natural at it.  Huh, and he kind of enjoyed it.  He excelled at motivating and bringing groups of people together for a common goal.   He also had a passion for working and mentoring youth.  His dad had given him amazing opportunities and passed on a wealth of knowledge and Dave was eager to pay it forward.  He always enjoys taking someone green as can be and mold them into a hard worker that loves and finds value in work. 


Just like these two little slackers


Little slacker 2 is turning into a mighty fine worker at the age of 5.  Look at how much fun she is having.  Imagine what Dave does with a grown person.  People that have fun working do better work.  Dave's favorite quote was from an employee that said,

     "Dave, I hate cleaning, I wanted to quit at the 6 month mark, but I love working for you.  You got 6 months extra out of me." 

Quincy did phenomenal work for that entire year.  Doesn't he sound like someone you'd want cleaning and maintaining your building some day?  And Quincy went on to find a great job working for the city with a stellar recommendation from Dave.  

It is also quite common that when someone moves on from Cirrus Cleaning they ask Dave if they can still work all night together to refinish a perfect floor if he ever needs help.



Dave doesn't want life long cleaners working for him, he wants to mold better human beings.  And that's why he started Cirrus Cleaning on that fateful day in 2009 when his dad said, "How about Commercial Cleaning?"

A company that has GOBS of systems, led by an natural leader, wanting to impact people and their lives and create better human beings in the process.  

Doesn't Dave and his team sound like something fun to be apart of?

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