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VCT tile is very cheap to install but very expensive to maintain.  A floor finish is used to protect the tile.  Most people call this floor wax.  This wax gets scratched and dirt ground into it by our feet every day.

At Cirrus Cleaning we have gotten floor maintenance down to an art.  Most people don't realize this but with regular mopping, scrubbing and buffing of this protective coating, we can spread this costly restoration job out to once every two years.  


A good question to ask when you are deciding what company to hire to do your strip and wax is what they do with corners and edges.  90% of the time we will find years of wax build in these areas.  


Here is Jarret in 2009 on our second strip and wax job ever.  We were scraping and stripping years and years of wax.  The previous company had not only been cutting corners and paving right over all the old wax within 6 inches  from every edge for years but telling them they needed this done every 6 months.


We maintain the wax so it looks great year round and saves you money in the run.  

Strip and wax before pic
Strip and wax after pic
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